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It's been a larger update of the forum software. It has chopped the banners, it's too bright and the layout is not optimal, but I'll try to improve and tweak that during the weekend.

Cleaned up now. Reverted back to email and administrator validation for new registrations. Takes longer time, but keeps out the spammers.

ARRGGHHHH! It burnssss my precioussss it burnsss, quick, below the mountainsss!

There was an informal mention that the website would get an upgrade (from the "problem with the search function" thread, I think), but no actual announcement.

And yes, the templates need some love, I'm sure Triff is hard at work on it. Software upgrades are the worst.

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2 hours ago, Kloster said:

One note: We are not able anymore to edit our own posts. I did a typing mistake and can not correct it.

Actually, we can, but the location of the Edit option has moved from just below the post (where it was located along with "Quote") and can now be found to the upper right of your post among the three-dot (...) "More options..."

I've accidentally and reflexively quoted myself several times lately.  Yeah, it's confusing.


Edited by Ian Absentia
To drive home a point.
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