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M-SPACE Nominated for Best RPG 2016 in Sweden


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Fenix, the big RPG magazine here in Scandinavia, runs a poll every year to celebrate the best Swedish RPG products. For 2016, M-SPACE is nominated in several classes, for example Best Cover, Best Illustrator (Jadrien Cousens) and Best Rules! The winners are announced at GothCon, the largest convention here, on April 9. 

The poll is in Swedish, but if you want to vote anyway, here's the link:


I can make a quick translation if you need. Just let me know. 

The Swedish RPG business is experiencing something of a golden age at the moment. Several games has become international bestsellers (Mutant: Year zero, Tales from the Loop and Trudvang, just to mention a few), and there are a handful of small companies doing very fine products. But there's also a rich undergrowth of indie writers making excellent games, and the poll has a very impressive line-up. 

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Wow congratulations for the nomination!

BTW, I would certainly be interested in knowing a bit more about the RPG scene in Sweden, as well as getting to know (briefly) what are all those other roleplaying games about.
I know about Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop (and, of course M-Space), but what about the others?

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I don’t know very much about them, but here are a few more details:


This is a sci-fi game from the makers of Mutant: Year Zero, with rules being very similar. The main idea is something like One Thousand and One Nights in space. This is version 2, available in both English and Swedish. Quite good, I believe.

Drakar och Demoner

This is a reprint of the BRP classic from 1984 and the game that dominated the Swedish RPG scene for decades. Essentially it’s the fantasy part of Chaosium's Worlds of Wonder with a few additions here and there. Unfortunately not available in English. The closest you can get is Trudvang Chronicles, the latest version of Drakar ooh Demoner with a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign last autumn. The artwork is amazing. Gritty Nordic feel to it. 


The fourth version of a very popular western RPG, from the makers of Fenix RPG magazine. An English translation is planned for later this year. For a thorough presentation, see this thread at RPG.net: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?799029-Western-the-RPG

Hjältarnas Tid
A distant relative to BRP, targeted at new/young players. Written by one of Sweden’s most well-known RPG writers, Krister Sundelin. The game is quite similar to his Järn RPG that he released a couple of years ago; I did an interview with Krister here at BRP Central some time ago about Järn.

A slim game with a dice pool mechanic that’s quite popular here. One of the first games here in Sweden to pick up the old school gaming concept, I believe. It’s also the only contemporary RPG to be released in a pocket book version (reminding me of my old Dragon Warriors books…). English translation in the works.

My favourite at the moment. A FATE-based steampunk game taking place in Russia. No translation available, but I think it really deserves a bigger audience. Character sheets look a lot like the cover artwork - I love it, but some claim they get severe headaches from it. 

Beautiful and conceptually rich fantasy RPG that I know very little about, but it’s one of the big games here. Very successful. The makers are former BRP post-apocalypse writers. Available in English. 

Polaris and Rotsystem
I wish I knew more about these two. Very ambitious indie games. Both are on my reading list.

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