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On 15/04/2017 at 5:57 PM, jux said:

Perception is too important - like in CoC. But I guess it can be trained. It's just the most trained skill after fighting.

Driving, Sailing, and Riding - my problem with these is, that they have so little "game" use. I think they are for chase checks. And how often does that come up in your adventures? How much skillpoints you must waist to be good at it? 

For my perfect game, I would wish a skill-list so that all the skills are equally important. For Athletics, Perception and Sailing - they are not comparable. Sailing is a clear dump-skill. That means all the characters will be very very similar, unless one deliberately wants to be useless.

I wholeheartedly agree with you.

For instance, I think the RuneQuest 3/G set of skill modifiers makes a good base list of skills :

-Agility, Communication, Knowledge, Magic, Manipulation, Perception, Stealth, which I'll complete with Melee and Marksmanship.

I'd add a "specialties" rule that let one focus on an aspect of a skill and get a bonus when this aspect is concerned. For instance, a good swordsman could have Melee 60 and +20% when using a sword.

It's not far from D100 Revolution's skill and traits rule, except this game have a few more skills.

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Yes, I also would like to have some open-ended skill modifiers - backgrounds, specialities, professions, etc. When ever you can apply this, you get the bonus.

For example "hunter" will have +20% perception checks in forest or wilderness. "Sailor" would cover the "sailing" skill - lets say we have one more general skill for navigation or tracking or something.

Barbarians of Lemuria has the base system with attributes + professions checks. I'd quite like a d100 system to have skills + specialities. With too little skills, there is still a problem to be too good at everything in one point, so it would need more thought to put into it. Like in BoL, there are levels of professions, specialities could also be novice (+10%), expert (+20) and master (+30).

It's interesting to know D100 Revolution has something like that. This system needs a nice compact game core game book. I'm not into tool-kit kind of general systems any more.

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On 27/03/2017 at 7:26 PM, parejf63 said:


Hey there, I Love OQ so do my players.  However, we have a few questions which we hope can be answered.  

1) The book SHAMANISM chapter mentioned non-shaman binding spirits.  So, we take this to mean that any one can choose the shamanism spells and use them, and not be a shaman?


The shamanism rules were written to try and convey the way characters in RuneQuest 1&2 were able to capture spirits, while at the time giving you the ability to have shamans operate as a more powerful entity. The Shaman gains more powerful abilities to capture spirits, you can try binding a spirit as a non-shaman but good luck to you! 

The shamaism rules were written at quite short notice there are things I would have done a little better, however they remain relatively robust and maintain the feel of older BRP games. I expanded shamanism for my OQ Glorantha campaign, allowing fir more complex shamanism such as Hsunchen Animal Totem shamanism, Praxian Shamanism and Troll Magics. They were fun fast and playable...I may remove the Glorantha from them and post them here (then again I might just put them up as they stand).

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