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On 6/27/2017 at 9:44 PM, Joerg said:

When I hear "quern", I think of a neolithic saddle quern where the top stone was moved back and forth in the canal. I've seen such querns in operation at archaeological museums in Denmark. There is only one animal well suited to operate such a quern - a herdman (of either sex and almost any age).  I found out since that kitchen sized rotational mills go by this name, too. Attaching these to a donkey might be feasible. Cultures other than the Orlanthi might employ goats for this purpose. Among the Praxian herd beasts, again only the herd man appears suitable for this kind of activity - impalas don't do well at exerting constant draft, and anything else is too big and/or too unwieldy.


Hi Joerg, I am pleased that you have discovered that querns come in a number of shapes and sizes and have been with humanity for a very long time.  Quern is a good word to have up your sleeve in Scrabble too.  And as you correctly point out, the difference between a large quern and a small mill is a moot point.  As to the issue of attaching a donkey or other animal to such a mill, while there is no reason why you couldn't, surely you are taking work away from the slaves, and really the only right a slave has is to work, so really that is a very uncharitable suggestion :) 

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