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The Uffington Duck


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That has got to be the best April Fool's announcement I have seen this year, it's awesome.

Seriously though, there are a lot of good reasons for assuming hoax without knowing the date.  For me the primary two are orientation and style; the Uffington White Horse is actually one of lots of White Horses in the area (growing up to me White Horse meant the one at Westbury) but nearly all the others are much more realistic, to miss-quote Tery Pratchett the Uffington White Horse isn't a carving of a horse but a carving of the spirit of a horse - now compare the horse to their projected duck - the duck is much more realistic and yet they are so close together I cannot buy the idea of two different tribes so why the total difference of styles?  Secondly, though it is hard to judge from their aerial shots, I think the duck would be on its back when viewed from a distance...

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That's Avebury not Stonehenge - it's a much bigger ring (most of the village is inside it) but there are no cross stones on top.  There's about 20 miles apart so I suppose that is close enough for someone in the Severn Vale.  Actually - I remember this story form the year they posted it - nice find!

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