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I'm reading through Pulp Cthulhu in preparation for running a low pulp MoN.  I noticed two different explainations of the pulp talent: Resilient

From the Talent list: (p25)

Resilient:  may spend Luck points to shrug off sanity loss, on a one-for-one basis. 

From the Luck Spend to Reduce Sanity Loss Example: (p61)

Dirk also has the Resilient Talent; his player decides to spend 10 further luck to reduce sanity loss by 5.
Not to be a stickler, as I could make the call based on what works best for my game but was this intentional or is there a specific intent for the Resilient Talent?
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It's an error in the example, p 61, it should read:

For example: Dirk sees an awful monster and fails his Sanity roll. The Keeper rolls and gets the maximum Sanity loss of 20 points. Dirk’s player decides that now is not a good time for Dirk to lose it, and so states he is spending 40 Luck to halve the Sanity loss to 10 points. Dirk also has the Resilient Talent; his player decides to spend 5 further Luck to reduce the Sanity loss by 5. Dirk is now losing only 5 Sanity points but has spent 45 Luck points in doing so.


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As per page 61 - it says:

Note that heroes with the Resilient Talent (see page 25) can also apply its effect to the Sanity loss, after the Sanity loss has been halved by spending Luck.

Thus, a hero with the Resilient Talent may (as they have they the talent) can simply burn through Luck points and not use the general Luck for 1 Sanity "Luck Spend" but if they do, then it must be done after Sanity adjustment through Luck Spend. Most people with the Resilient Talent will, of course, just use that alone.



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And that is what I get for not going back and rereading, thank you. 


Edit: so if I understand Resilient allows a luck spend to half sanity loss. You cannot spend more than half with Resilient. If you want to reduce the hit by more than half, then you must first spend at two for one for half, then you can apply Resilient, yes? 

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