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Drakar och Demoner


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I haven't played this since the second edition, but have been thinking of picking it up for playing with children (too young to handle the English of BRP, and it would make good Christmas gifts in a few years). I know they swapped the D100 for a D20, but I know little of the system know.

Does anyone have experience with it, I know there are a few Scandinavian types lurking around the troll caves here?

I know, this is only barely on-topic for the forum, but it is BRP derived. :P

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I snagged a used copy of the danish translation as a birthday present for a friend.

It doesn't use a d20 but round all skill percentiles to the nearest multiple of 5 for some reason so it might as well.

It's a nice little game but if the swedish edition is as hard to acquire as the danish version, you might find it difficult to actually get a copy. (The latest two editions are very different and at least the sixth edition is pretty complicated)

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Thanks. I can't imagine it'd be hard to get a copy here in Sweden though.

D100 as D20, similar to RQ2 then. But they've started using experience points, something I've never much liked, and my general impression is the game has moved away so much from its origins in BRP that it's a very different game from what I played a few ages ago.

One of the settings looks fairly interesting, though I've no idea how well done it is. Trudvang is inspired by Nordic (Germanic more properly I guess) influences, such as painter John Bauer, Beowulf, and of course the Norse mythology.

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The latest edition (7th ed.) uses d100 instead of d20 but it also does not use any stat values, it just rate stats by its bonus. If you are looking for a Swedish RPG you're in luck, there are loads of 'em.

Try Saga or Västmark, or even more exotic - Western. Saga is more BRP like than Västmark, although both would be very good for young players, IMHO. At the Saga site you'll also find a Saga conversion module for Trudvang... Western is a really good RPG, it belongs to the BRP family but you roll upwards instead of downwards.

As for D&D (as Drakar & Demoner is called in Sweden) there are also unlawful download alternatives... :innocent:

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Peter Brink

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The newest edition of Drakar och Demoner (Drakar och Demoner Trudvang) has little if any resemblance to BRP. It uses a d20, claims to have no attributes but has in fact just renamed them and changed the scale, and is needlessly complicated. It is, however, rather pretty. The setting is no longer a hodgepodge of culutres and nations next to each other (no more quilt fantasy!) but rather pseudo vikings, pseudo celts and pseudo... umm... some other guys. Think large beards, trolls drumming in the deep woods and laconic berserkers.

All in all, it's quite.... not my cup of tea, I could have liked it if it hadn't been for the system. If you want to show your kids a simple system for fantasy, I'd say Saga or Västmark, with Saga being more classic fantasy and Västmark being more cultural-gaming in a saxon eviroment. Saga is also more BRP-derived than Västmark, which is... well... not BRP-derived at least.

That said, I think Western would lend itself for play with ease, the new edition is surprisingly fast and the setting is simply the wild west - who doesn't want to rob the train? :D

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Thanks Owl, very useful comments there. I've been so completely out of the loop regarding rpgs in Swedish what little I thought I knew seems to have been very outdated.

Both Saga and Western sound fun, I'll check them out.

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