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Combat rules questions

Cdr Vimes

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Hi all, I've been using OQ2 rules for a while now and have run home brew games for Steampunk and Modern Zombie.

Ive just started a standard fantasy campaign that includes some old school style dungeon crawls as well as investigation type play. This time I am running as much as I can rules as written as I have new players and they have copies of the basic rules.

some questions that popped up that I house ruled at the time but would like other opinions.

1. Is there a penalty from breaking contact from melee. Does the attacker get a free hit.

2. Can you charge into 2 characters already in melee or are they moving too much.

3. If a character runs and another character charges him from behind and just makes it into close cbt, do the charge bonuses work.

4. Do penalties from special attacks in no reaction if a great attack is used carry over to the next round. This came about because a character with lowest initiative could attack last with a great attack if he has not used any reactions. 

Cheers for any clarification and ideas.

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Greetings, Cdr:

Caveat before we begin: what follows is how I rule such things for my game. Whatever you feel is right and in keeping with the timbre of the game you want...is right.

1. I use the Fighting Retreat rule on page 60:  A character may move their full Movement directly away from an enemy he is fighting. He may only defend at +25% (+50% with a Medium and Large shield). In such a case I give the bad-guy a free shot if the situation warrants it. If the PCs are trying to disengage completely, I ask them to Dodge at the above penalty. If they are successful, they've completely broken off and the foe, for whatever reason, did not pursue them. A lot depends on what they enemy's intentions are. If they want to kill the PCs, they'll attempt to pursue. If they are simply defending, they may not. Lots of role-play here; I just hang the rule on it.

2. Charge into a whole mass of melee-ing, squirming, milling, fighting dudes. The more foolish and heroic the better ;-). Regardless, the PC is going to have to choose and direct their attack (and the +1d6 bonus) against a particular target.

3. As long as the target of the charge is w/in the charger's distance envelop (5 - 10m), the charger gets the bonus: +1d6 AND the "attack from behind' +25% and the penalty: no reaction to return-attacks.

4. I do NOT allow the penalty (no reaction) to roll over (no more than I would the bonus). Even though your PC is waiting to the end of the round (which kinda makes sense with Great Attack's wind-up and all), the target he hits is going to react, and (unless the target receives a major wound from the attack or has already used up their attack on another target) then he's going to attack your PC in turn. I rule, however, that all that happens in the same round as the attack. When it's all finished, we move on to the next round.

If your smart PC has had the luxury of waiting until the bottom of the round (DEX rank X) AND is attacking a target already engaged or has used up their combat action on that other target, so much the better for your PC :-).


Present home-port: home-brew BRP/OQ SRD variant; past ports-of-call: SB '81, RQIII '84, BGB '08, RQIV(Mythras) '12,  MW '15, and OQ '17

BGB BRP: 0 edition: 20/420; .pdf edition: 06/11/08; 1st edition: 06/13/08

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Cheers Sunwolfe, not far from what I was thinking.  As you said ill stick with what I think especially with 4.  This is mainly due to a player who bides his time and then great attacks once he knows he does not need to parry.  I could go BRP and go through a statement period to prevent this, using the rule that the intent has to be made early to allow the swing to build up for the great attack.  However my players like to keep the cat running quickly so ill carry over the loss of reaction.


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