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The Heydelberg Horror now in print!


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Check out A Clockwork of Orange: The Heydelberg Horror, now available from Drivethru in print and PDF formats.
1610. All of Europe teeters on the brink of war.
Religious and political factions manoeuvre for advantage. In the scramble for power, lost knowledge is brought to light, and discoveries from the New World change our conceptions of reality. But there are some things man was not meant to know…
The Heydelberg Horror is the first part of a new campaign for Clockwork & Cthulhu. A Clockwork of Orange will take the agents of the Karolinium in Prague across Europe to the dark secret at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire.
Requires the Clockwork & Chivalry Core Rulebook, 2nd Edition.
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Ordered it right yesterday - GREAT!

One little question: The Cult of the Black Christ is inspired by an episode of a series in which a lot of blokes shoot sharpe, innit?

Just rifling around to see if I got it right - loving it anyway!

Oh, and please don't bean me over the head if you find any mistakes in this post or if I am wrong with my guess - I am a damn foreigner and haven't sean the show for quite a while. And if this post seems all Spanish to you, then you know what I am talking about.

P.S.: Now all I want to see ist the last part of the C&C Omnibus - and a healthy pace of publishing the other parts of a Clockwork in Orange - and you'll make me one Happy Hun.


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Very good news!

As a history teacher (and even if I weren't) I can tell that a lot of research went into the adventure. Like the different factions!

And another thing I do like about the campaign is the fact that you give an outline of the other parts following. By doing that it allows the gm to know what is going on and how the whole thing is going to develop. Other campaigns offered in different part published one after another often don't do that and I as the gm find that rather irritating since I then don't know how the story is suposed to continue. The players should be surprised by plot twists, not the gm.

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Thank you.  Very glad you like the book! :).  A lot of work went into it; artists, editing, layout.  C&W was great to work with from start to finish; they made it happen!

The period just before the Thirty Years War has fascinated me since I was in Prague in 2013.  It was a whole new era to explore and the factions were the vehicle I used.  The nice thing is now that it's done, I feel like there is a foundation for a lot more adventuring beyond what I have written so far.  I can imagine clever and inventive gms using that foundation to build their own intrigues far beyond my own dabblings in the period.

As a gm myself, I know what you mean about the need to be in the know.  In an adventure around the uncanny, the players have to be kept wondering, continually thinking "there is more here than I understand" to maintain the dramatic tension necessary for that kind of game to be entertaining.  How can the gm provide that atmosphere if he/she doesn't get it?  So, I wrote the outline of the campaign,  but hopefully left out the details enought to keep the gm a bit intrigued about what is to come, knowing where the story is going but how it gets there.  Truth is, until it is published, I also don't know every detail of the final copy!

That's the excitement and really the fun for me that I am happy to share with others, which is what a gm does every gaming session.  Thanks to all who join me on what I hope will be a memorable cruise down the Rhine for them, back in time and with those eerie Jungian detours through the unconscious to be found in the depth of Lovecraft! 



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Would it surprise you to learn the Black Christ is for real, an avatar of Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror (obsidian), another aspect of Nyarlathotep in my thinking?  

Fact is often more intriguing than fiction!  The whole process of syncretism is interesting - and dangerous, from a cult perspective - but really worked out well for the game, I think.  I was brooding about Tezcatlipoca prowling at night like a jaguar through the hills near Guadalajara when I was last there on business. Also bought some Huichole art and obsidian statuary there that continue to inspire broodings...

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And I thought it was a clever invention! Each day you learn one new thing - so, done that: Back to mindless soaps! :P

But really, syncretism isn't really that new in the European development of Christianity. It is just surprising (for me at least) that they could also do that with a sometimes invisible, sometimes black as obsidian, sometimes jaguar-deity that took young men as sacrifices that were ritually eaten after being killed.

Then again, according to the Catholic doctrine of transubstation, bread and wine really turns into the blood and body of Christ and is drunk and eaten by the faithful ... almost same difference - you just skip the part were you transform stuff into something else.

(Priest) "Hey, folks, wine is out and my mum doesn't feel like baking today. Let's just kill and eat Jack!"

(Congregation - except Jack) "Great idea!"

(Jack) "WHOT?!?"

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