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Fonrit - recent history (last 100 years)


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Looking at recent history (past 100 years of Fonrit and Umathela) from official publications I find that there are relatively few things happening per generation (compared to better known areas). For example there is a stretch between 1518 and 1585 where officially nothing of note happens. Similarly between 1601 and 1613 and 1614 to 1618. Would ask the crowd here to give their devious inspiration of ideas that might have happened in these stretches that would be of significant note. Below are the items that seem to be of canon note in publications. 


1518   Fonrit  Ruler of Hombori Tondo uses the power of Darleester the Noose to become Jann of Afadjann and expand his territory.
1585   Fonrit  Vadeli fleets overcome Umathela and Fonrit.
1585   Umathela  The Vadeli reach Umathela
1585   Umathela Cerngoth occupied by Vadeli
1586   Umathela  Vadeli founded the city of Hadrumal to exploit the silver mines in the surrounding mountains
1587   Fonrit  Vadeli fleet conquers Kareeshtu
1587   Kumanku Islands First Fleet arrives since the closing (Vadeli posing as returning Godlearners)
1588   Fonrit  Vadeli fleet encounters Maslo fleet, naval war begins.
1588   Umathela  Vadeli founded Garganz as fortress for tribute collection
1590   Umathela  Vadeli founded the stone fortifications at city of Kuvalal
1594   Fonrit  Vadeli and Maslo fleets destroyed at Battle of Oenriko Rocks.
1594   Umathela  Garganz builds it own fleet after Vadeli defeat and establishes dominance over local cities
1594   Umathela  Fleet of Durnanaba surprised Vadeli and destroyed part of Vadeli fleet
1595   Kumanku Islands Kareeshtu wars to vanquish Kumanku Islands ending at sworn allegiance to Kareeshtu
1596   Fonrit  Kareeshtu warsails made contact with the cities of the Banamban Coast
1598   Fonrit  Kareeshtu establishes garrisons and exacts tribute from Banamban Coast
1600   Fonrit Confederation of fierce Pujaleg bat People oppresses the interior of Banamba, extracting tribute and sacrifices from the cities
1600   Umathela  Nikosdros Fleet establishes naval dominance over the rest of Umathela
1601   Umathela  A Dwarf navy from Slon destroys a stretch of Enkloso
1601   Umathela  King of Sulayz gains fame in fighting against dwarves alongside elves
1601   Umathela Sulayz given limited freedom from Woodland laws after fighting against dwarf invasion
1613   Fonrit  Current Jann comes to power in Hombori Tondo. Pujaleg Empire formed in Laskal.
1613   Fonrit Astamanyx becomes Jann of Afadjann.  The Benestros Uprising is quashed.
1613   Fonrit Pujaleg defeats Tripolis of Tharkhar and forces Dreen to pay tribute of food and slaves to Pujaleg Empire
1618   Umathela  Terthinus becomes ruler of Dashomo Sea.
1618   Fonrit  Terthinus becomes ruler of Dashomo Sea.
1618   Fonrit  Jawdar Mansyur declares himself the King of Baruling
1618   Umathela  Terthinus demands tribute and destroys Flaurine.  Cerngoth levies a new Sea-Metal tax to pay the Malasp demands
1618   Umathela  Tortrica expells the Afadjanni overlords
1621   Fonrit Golden Kareeshtu establishes with cruelty and vision its leadership among rival confederations
1622   Fonrit Harrek the Berserk conquers and rules Banamba
1624   Fonrit The Demon Wars begin
1631   Fonrit Harrek the Berserk returns in force to Laskal
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Post 1518, I would expect there to be a lot of events about the Jann''s conquest of various places, perhaps a long standing battle between the Janns and the leaders of the Tsanyano.  There would also be dynastic politics among the Janns which has been modelled in the past on the Ottomans.

Kareeshtu has been around since the collapse of the Confederation in 1340.  The mode of its rule appears to be enslave a city's gods and remove them to Tondiji.  Archidomides appears to tolerate allies within his Empire as it's not clear how the apparently autonomous Katele and Njenaguya fit within the empire.  Hence it is unclear how much of Kareeshtu is subservient to Archidomides and how much of it obeys Archidomides because their gods have been enslaved.  I make this distinction because I can see the Shakh of Njenaguya revolting against Archidomides and getting crushed for instance, I find it hard to imagine a city with its gods enslaved doing the same.  

Because of this, I imagine Kareeshtu's internal politics is that of an alliance of which Archidomides carefully and gradually acquires power through the crushing of cities and fiefs that have failed to pay their taxes.  Over the decades, he has grown from being one of many leaders into being the leading light of Karesshtu. Hence Kareeshtu's internal politics over the time period in question would be the destruction of one or more magnates of Kareeshtu at the hands of Archidomides.  


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11 hours ago, metcalph said:

Post 1518, I would expect there to be a lot of events about the Jann''s conquest of various places

Agreed.  This seems implied by the comment: "proclaimed himself the Jann of Afadjann and enslaved many of the cities of that land."

It's likely to have suffered several changes in rulers: "Since 1518, whoever rules the city [Homboro Tondo] is the Jann, no matter what his other holdings (if any) amid the tumultuous civil disputes of the area."

Zandorffo is noted as the first city enslaved.  Garguna is another city likely conquered in this period.  Possibly Tavu eb Teba and Temissrah as well.

Sarro is another that is controlled by the Jann. 

The Jann also seems to have gained control the fortresses at the Foreign Legion Pass in the Eredoth Mountains.

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2 hours ago, Lord High Munchkin said:

I am very interested in this topic - I certainly prefer Fonrit and Umathela as gaming locales. If an alternative PC creation background could be built up that would be mighty useful.

This is character generation for Fonrit for my game - YGWV as will your game systems. Currently gathering input and thinking about the history of Fonrit for tying the character more into the game.  https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2017/04/15/fonrit-background-and-culture-for-players/

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Afadjann's internal governance is also murky.  In the 1518 enthronement, the Jann is described as enslaving many (as opposed to all) of the cities of that land.  So I did a look up of which cities were explicitly described as being controlled by the Jann.  I left out Mastalabark which is in Kareeshtu so the Jann is probably the city Jann rather than the Jann of Afadjann.  

Ategeganda: Kafeamoro and Nemabu

Kanem Dar: Hombori Tondo, Zandorrfo and Tevashoros.

Siwah El is described as free with the Jann making increasing demands of the city so he can enslave it..

Gargosganda:  Garguna ,Tavu eb Teba and Temissrah

Abdjab is subject to Garguna and not the Jann and so fell into the Jann's orbit in 1518 when the Jann conquered Garguna.  Since a High Priest of Darleester the Noose resides in Garguna, I think that he was enslaved as part of the new Jann's ascension (Whereas during the previous dynasty, he might have ruled as Jann (but as not the Jann of Afadjann).

Sarroganda: Sarro.

So it's clear that the Jann has a number of cities in each march enslaved so as to keep the other free cities in line.  What's interesting is that the Jann has enslaved no cities in Yrania.  My guess is that the city rulers of that land are so fearful of another eruption of Yranian Leapers that they willingly accept the leadership of the Jann


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Fonrit Background and Culture for Players

Currently playing a campaign near Fonrit - one of the more intriguing areas of Glorantha. Expecting some new players to join and maybe eventually some players needing to roll a new character so wanted to formalize the creation of the characters in Fonrit for my campaign and game system I use. This may be of some use to others as well. 

The authoritative source is of course Guide to Glorantha. In Volume 1 there exists a detailed description of the culture of Fonrit and in Volume 2 description of the places. 

Now there is a character generation that points to few well known sources for the players to read. 

Generation takes into account Social class (Masarins, Slave Soldiers, Yad Slaves and Kaddam Slaves) and Languages including Tradetalk. It has a variation of standard skills and professional skills that is based on Civilized background. It looks at careers available for each of the social classes. 

Combat styles include  the combat style traits and weapons associated with the combat style. Combat styles currently include Kadam Slave Scuffle, Yad Strife, Slave Soldier, Harem Protector, Calari Grip, Afadjann Blade Dance, Kareeshtu Doublecross, Ompalam Overseer and Shovel Tusker/Elephant Cavalry. 

Folk Magic includes the starting spell selection where choices like Shock, Vigour, Tire, Voice, Find Slave, Incognito, Calm and Glamour reflect the society. 

Passions include the support for Renewed or Oldster and the society expected ones and Masarin's preoccupation with being the best dressed persons in Glorantha. 

There is also a link to pregenerated characters in Fonrit for one off games. 

The material is for one game system and tries to follow the latest developments in the official material. Perhaps it will be useful for any other game systems as well. 


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