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Question about skill bases


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How are skill bases designed? As pure skill bases or as either skill bases or average specimens skill levels?

In my Creature Generator spreadsheet I treat all creatures as being of "average" experience and add 40% to all skill bases. Some creatures are given pretty high skill values in BRP and other BRP derived systems, I decided to view a skill base value of 75 as the average value for that type of creature and not the base chance. I'm not sure if that's the right interpretation however. Here's the function I use (it's VBA code):

' Procedure : getRealSkillBase
' Author : Peter Brink
' Date : 2008-07-27
' Purpose : The skillbases given in the Skill worksheet are either the average skill
' levels of a creature or the base skill of a creature. Since by default
' we add 40% to the skillbase we need to make sure that we only returns
' the real skillbase and not the average skill level.
Public Function getRealSkillBase(interimSkillBase As Integer) As Integer
Select Case (interimSkillBase)
Case 0 To 45
getRealSkillBase = interimSkillBase
Case 46 - 85
getRealSkillBase = interimSkillBase - 40
Case Else
getRealSkillBase = 45
End Select
End Function[/PHP]

As you can see I have (quite arbitrarily) decided that no creature has a base skill chance of more than 45%, but I might be dead wrong here...

Peter Brink

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For the bestiary and NPC digest, all writeups were given skill percentiles to reflect those of an average representative.

OK. Thanks for the info. I decided to stick with my assumption and we'll see if it works out in the long run.

Peter Brink

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