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History of the Heortling Peoples


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In both my PDF and printed copies of History of the Heortling Peoples (second edition), bought in 2015, there are some sections where there appear to be some sort of layout/editing issues. I realise that these are unfinished works, but this seems a bit more than that.

An example, page 38:

"He was of good repute who bore himself well in the fyrd, worked hard in the fields, strong and well liked especially by the women. He as very holy in the rites, a very ram and cat of Orlanth power, but subject to nightmares.  
Darstan Fourtooth was convinced to bring Harmast before his chief. Once there the poet *name"


And the paragraph ends there.

On page 39:

"“That must have been my uncle, then,” said Harmast. “Padrim, of the *x lineage.”  
“I guess so, because of course we never knew his name. He was a dead man, a Humakti, who took back all of his ancestors to fight against Palangio and kill him. Of *hero himself they say.”  "


Is this just "how it is"? Or did something go wrong in this version?

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I think that's just how it is.

Some parts of the Stafford Library are detailed histories, chronologies and myths. Other parts seem to be brain dumps of whatver the author was thinking of that day but never gpt around to finishing off. The sections quoted seem to be the latter, so they really need finishing off by someone with a lot of time on their hands.

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49 minutes ago, Steve said:

Is this just "how it is"?

Pretty much.  This is common to all the Stafford Library material.

E.g. Entekosiad p.75 "Carmanos brought him out to confrontation. [*unfinished] After this great Act of Justicep." Or p. 86 "The site is near to *X, and *Y."

Or Fortunate Succession p. 76 "*not finished by a long shot*"

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That's actually a good example of how a lot of Greg's notes look. Often he would then back fill stuff he couldn't remember or make up something new. That's not to say that the info is missing, for example we know Padrim was the son of Fastal, son of Felpadrim; herdsman of the Black Duck Clan, of the Berenneth Tribe. But that may be different in a different version of the story. Yes there are different versions especially with his novels.

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