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Steve Marsh rules question

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I've been researching some beginning adventures to start a Glorantha campaign and have come across Steve Marsh's Regular Folks Campaign.  I've noticed he has a house rule dealing with traits.  This might come from a Pendragon rule.  Here is a quote.

Wild animal herds still migrate through this area in midwinter just as the caribou do in Valind (or Alaska). The PCs are asked to go on a hunt. (The participation is voluntary, but failure to participate will give each character who refuses a -1 on their acceptance check and a +1 on the selfish trait.

Is anyone familiar with this?  

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The Shattered Norn rules use Pendragon's traits so the automatic +1 on the Selfish trait is standard per the Pendragon rules. As for the acceptance check, that appears to be an in-game mechanic for joining the clan. e.g. increase it to a level where membership is automatic or if you roll you can join.

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