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How compatible is M-Space to BRP?

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How compatible is M-Space to BRP? I'm planning to run a space-opera type of game and I'll mostly be looking at Starship, Vehicle and Alien Design rules and perhaps the equipment lists. 

This is the link to the book



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As Paolo says, M-SPACE was originally written for BRP. Starships, vehicles and alien design only saw very small changes in the transition to Mythras. I'm sure you can use character creation and combat from almost any BRP clone without trouble. Compatibility is one of the good things with the BRP family of games.

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Yeah, it's pretty much compatible. The Starship stuff is pretty much on it's own scale, so it could be used with just about any RPG, BRP related or not. I dunno about the vehicle design rules, I haven't seen that part of it.

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