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Personality Traits and Sanity together?! Oh the Horror!


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WARNING! Brainstorming ahead! Could be very messy.

OK... I was thinking about Sanity, and how to get some of the social effects out of it ala UA by adding values for Violence, Unnatural, Isolation, and Magical. Each would have been a % value that would be used rather than a straight sanity roll, the higher the value, the more resistant you are to that situation, but the more callous you are, effecting social inter..... blah blah blah.

Then I found myself reading the Personality Trait optional rules, and that got me to thinking. If both Personality Traits and Sanity are used (for PCs... yes), what about having failed San rolls directly effecting the traits? And, just to give the player a sense of control, the GM only chooses the pairing affected, the player choosing which value to check and potentially increase.


The investigators stumble onto a horrible scene of all of a bunch of NPCs hanging from nooses from the rafters (Braveheart) or in various states of dismemberment (Beowulf)...

A failed Sanity roll would have the normal effects, but rather than simply have the character run away, fall into a mania, or into a stupor, it also had an effect on their personality. A check in Agressive/Passive, Extrovert/Introvert, Emotional/Calm, etc.

Potential, or am I taking things a bit too far? :D


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Definitely got potential. I'd keep it relatively abstract for now, rather than trying to model any actual conditions. Also, I'd be inclined to incorporate some pretty serious trait shifts, rather than just a check, in the cases of things like temporary insanity bouts.

Checks for failed SAN rolls seem about the right level, though.

I like the idea! It's got legs. Or tentacles. Or... whatever... :D




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