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Relic Hunters session

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Howdy All,

Looks like I'm going to be running a game of Rd100 this coming weekend. It's likely to be a small session - I've got two (2) players so far. I was thinking of something vaguely modern, maybe "open sourcable". I was thinking of something like the old Relic Hunter show (or Friday e 13th) - sort of globe trotting, some supernatural, and such.

Riffing it with my friend Ben, we worked it up a bit ...

The pitch, as Ben put it: Vagabond mercenary occult treasure hunters. The A-Team meets F13: the Series.

I do dig that pitch, too.

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A great fit for RD100! Agility and Stealth conflicts will let characters with physical skills shine, while still needing that "extra hand" of support from other characters to overcome the greatest difficulties. On the other hand, the investigative parts of the adventure will leave room for Knowledge conflicts of several kinds, with the occasional Willpower to overcome supernatural threats.

Depending on the type of game you want to run, you might want to transition seamlessly from Conflict to Basic Combat or to use Advanced Combat for a more "Lara Croftish" kind of action.

You will find the stats for Indiana Jones in one of the posts from October 2015. They might be relevant to that kind of campaign.

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We just wrapped up the session (hopefully the first of a few). Light rules use - some  skill checks, a few opposed rolls, and a basic combat. We had the GM (myself), three in-person players and one player dialed in via Skype (audio).

I'll look to post some details in the near future, but the combo of system and setting was pretty awesome. The PCs interactions and dialogue was fantastic.

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