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What rules do you use for Reach?


Understand that I used miniatures and a hex map when I gamed.  Each hex was 1 meter and a single character or NPC occupies each hex.      

In my game, every weapon has a Reach in meters.  This ranges from 1 to up to 5 meters based on the weapon (see my post above for the Reach of typical weapons).  A character must be able to reach his opponent with a weapon to attack them.  A dagger has a reach of 1 meter while a long spear has a Reach of 4 meters (this Reach may involve some "minor" movement which is included in the Reach due to the "footwork" most attacks involve).  If you cannot reach a target you wish to attack, you must move to do so.  This will cost you Strike Ranks to do.  You may move up to 4 meters per SR but if you move more than 1 meter per SR, a reduction in Attack Skill will occur.  At 2 meters of movement, Skill is reduced to 3/4.  At 3 meters of movement, Skill is reduced by Half.  No attack can be made if you move 4 meters until you spend 2 SRs to "stabilize yourself" (and then spend the SRs to attack).  You may remove the skill penalty if you spend 2 SRs to "stabilize yourself" before attacking.  For more info on my Initiative System just review my post above.   

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My Damage Bonus

  • Find the average of Siz and Str (so in your system just take Str)
  • Subtract ten
  • That is the maximum rollable on the character's damage bonus die


  • STR bonus
  • 11 +1
  • 12 +d2
  • 13 +d3
  • 14 +d4
  • 15 +d5
  • 16-17 +d6
  • 18-19 +d8
  • 20 +d10
  • 28 +3d6
  • etc etc

I too drop weapon damage for negative damage bonuses rather than apply a penalty (I did play with raising weapon damage for a positive bonus but then I lost the distinctions between Crush, Impale, etc Special Successes)

Inspired by Chaot's Magic world character sheet, I have just recently added a Finesse damage bonus which is calculated the same but using Dex not Str (or average of Siz and Str) and is applied to weapon's where placement is more important than brawn (stabby daggers and swords basically)

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