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In the following months we are going to run several playtest of interesting adventures and campaigns. Since we cannot do everything alone and - most important - blind testing is extremely useful, we would really like to set up a playtester network with which we can schedule in advance the running of important adventures.

Things that we might be able to provide in the near future:

  • Sengoku Jidai campaign
  • Project Kormoran for Red Moon Rising
  • Nomad Campaign or Scenario (by Olivier)
  • Exodus Campaign for Mecha
  • Other scenarios for Mecha

Anyone interested please report here or send me a PM, or contact me via Alephtar Games contact form.

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Anything Mecha and Red Moon Rising would be great! Our group plays modern and sci-fi settings, so that would fit in neatly as a one-shot or mini campaign.

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Play testing not great for me at present, my troupe is currently caught up with several other long-running campaigns, and my own time is getting swamped with other bits n pieces. If that changes then I'll reconsider and see if I can be more actively involved with RD100, but I'm just wearing too many hats at present.

In regards to the products that are scheduled, I definitely think another version of Wind Of The Steppes would be good, the BGB version has some great content, so no reason why this shouldn't be in RD100 format as well

For me being a Red Moon Rising KS backer I think I would definitely like to see the setting further developed, so I'm likely to throw more coins in for that line I reckon. 

So some good things on the horizon for RD100

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