Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

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On 7/16/2017 at 3:20 AM, g33k said:

BTW -- I only became aware of this movie (and thence the source material) a 2-3 months back.  I haven't seen anything but the trailers, and discussions on geek/gamer fora...

But I'm kind of getting the vibe, from those trailers, that I really SHOULD get the source matter first; that the movie may be terribly heavy to inside-jokes, fanservice, and in general to stuff that's not terribly meaningful without that deeper context.

Can anyone who's more familiar with Valerian&Laureline and with the movie-project, tell me if it seems likely that I'm right, or not ... ?

The Fifth Element was full of franco-belgian 70's-80's scifi comics references, but I think it was enjoyable by everybody. Of course, such films have a special appeal to those who grew up with the comics, but I believe they are entertaining for eberybody. But I'd recommend the books, anyway. I used to love them. And I recently thought that it could be a good theme for a rpg.

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