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In short terms: Do you know any good cosmic horror/lovecraftian adventures for Call of Cthulhu? Either 7th or previouse editions.

In not to short terms: I have been playing Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition, but all the published adventures I have read and run are not exactly what one would call cosmic horror or lovecraftian. The classic haunted house is a ghost story, and one of the scenarios in the Keeper's Rulebook isn't exactly horror/mystery, but more gun action oriented (as the 7th edition tends to be, anyway). The second scenario is much better but terribly wordy and hard to prepare.

Do you kknow any good adventures for CoC, that are cosmic horror or more in the Lovecraft vein? Lovecraft almost never wrote about cultists and gangs of investigators fighting with guns, much less with regular guys punching monsters in the face. I know it's not easy to capture Lovecraft style into a game, but that's why I'm asking if you know any adventure like that. Even if not for CoC.

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I will check on it. After Crimson Letters and a couple bleak scenarios from The Things We Leave Behind (my friends really dig it! We have yet to run the rest), we want some other moody adventures where nobody really knows what's happening.

We prefer one-shots and short adventures, we really can't engange in long campaigns (we are old now, have jobs and families to tend to and books to write... you know). We never finished Masks of Nyarlathothep.

Nameless Horrors, you say? "The Space Between—What was planned as a fantastic new feature film is turning into the shoot from hell. The leading lady has vanished, the director has retreated from the world, and the police are sniffing around the set. It is up to the investigators to get the film back on track and share its vision with the world." Now that sounds intriguing. I think this books is what we were looking for, thank you very much.

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I think the best cosmic horror ones I can think of are for Trail, not Call, and are the ones in The Final Revelation collection. You'd have to convert obviously. I also quite liked the Doors to Darkness scenarios. They aren't quite as dark as Walmsley's, but they tend towards the "small local horror" sort of thing more than adventure.

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