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Hi All

My group, The Armchair Adventurers, played The Broken Tower on Tuesday at our FLGS. 

We had cranked up the MGF in a thrilling, tense three hours, which was a chance to showcase of the new features of the game. I'm with RuneBlogger, given the quality of this scenario, I'm really looking forward to the new supporting material.

In the meantime, the play report is at theGROGNARDfiles.com


Dirk the Dice

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I quoited your play report over on FB:

"Chaosium’s core audience are Call of Cthulhu players, and there’s enough here to entice them into another setting. There is a mystery to uncover and moments of spine-tingling tension... The resolution to this adventure is far from clear-cut. Running away could be the most honourable action. RuneQuest Adventures in Glorantha continues BRP’s mission to redefine the nature of ‘success’ and heroism in role-playing."

This is from Dirk the Dice's review of the "Broken Tower" scenario in new RuneQuest Quickstart (available free from Chaosium). Others who've played it too have remarked on the scenario's "Call of Cthulhu" vibe...

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