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Classic Fantasy Call for Submissions for 2018

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With an exciting year of Classic Fantasy adventures underway, its time to start taking submissions for 2018 to keep the momentum moving. Therefore, we’re putting out another call for writers familiar with both Mythras, Classic Fantasy, and Old School dungeon adventure. Prior writing experience isn’t necessary, if you have some awesome ideas and know how to put them on paper.

We’re looking for adventure modules similar to (but not copies of) the classics of old, both in tone and feel, starting and mid-rank adventures are still the most desirable. So, think in terms of Ranks 1 to 2 being low rank, and 3 to 4 being mid.

All our Classic Fantasy adventures take place in the World of Greymoor, however, no prior experience with the setting is necessary. You only have to worry about writing an adventure that can be slotted into any high fantasy setting, and I’ll work with you making it fit.

The submission should center on a dungeon, tomb, or other ruins, but can feature a significant overland journey if desired. Feel free to include one or two new monsters, magic items, or spells if needed; however, most should be pulled from Classic Fantasy. New monsters, spells, etc., should be fitting of the genre.

Finished modules should preferably be 16 or 32 pages.

Writers will be paid for their work for submissions that are accepted and published.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send your proposals to rod.leary -at- thedesignmechanism -dot- com. We’ll send out writer’s guidelines to those proposals that interest us, including a primer for the World of Greymoor. However, we’ll freely answer any comments and general questions in this thread.

Rodney Leary

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Last call for submissions.

Ok, not really as we'll never turn down a really great idea, but over the next couple weekends (starting today), I plan on going through the submissions already received, and making the final selections with Lawrence so we can get the contracts out. So, if your sitting on a great idea for a Classic Fantasy adventure module, now is the time to send me your submission if you want to see it sometime in 2018.

Those that have sent me submissions already can expect to hear back one way or another by September 3rd.

Thanks to all of you that have shown an interest, the number of submissions has been fantastic, and the Mythras Classic Fantasy fan base are some very creative folks.


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