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Eleven Lights now available in PDF


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7 hours ago, metcalph said:

From a description of Argrath's companions.

7 hours ago, metcalph said:

and another has a slate-blue skin, darker than any member of the
Kerenelling bloodline and one eye forged out of iron

Eleven Lights p158

This is... unexpected.  

Indeed. How did Mularik arrive at that skin coloration? A consequence of Arkati heroquesting?

We have at least one heroquester changing his skin color, Belintar (starting with blue, later wearing bronze).

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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The Runic Alphabet apparently is prone to errors, e.g. p.118 has the darkness rune named as water.

In Tanian's case, I think that the dragonewt or dragon rune might be appropriate for the approach to Tanian given on p.130:


The EWF knew of Tanian too, and revealed the Inner Dragon enabling him to be both fire and water.

There is no there might be way that the Sartarites have access to the God Learner method of pulling down Tanian's fire, so the only alley halfway known to the Sartarites might be the EWF way.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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