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Leather wallet for your CoC books - new Kickstarter by Chaosium licensee

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Our friends the high-end prop makers Type 40, when not making stuff for the likes of Stan Lee and Thor, love playing Call of Cthulhu. And they've created a new leather wallet for your Call of Cthulhu books, currently being Kickstarted. Just over a day in, it's almost funded. These are really, really nice handmade leather covers  - I know because I've got one of the prototypes. 

The Kickstarter is here (apparently there's a hint in the background of the video what they might be thinking of making for Call of Cthulhu next): 


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Mike Mason puts his Call of Cthulhu leather document wallet through its paces here:


The campaign by our licensee Type 40 has 10 days to go, and is 175% funded. You can check the Kickstarter out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/329574091/call-of-cthulhu-leather-document-wallet



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On ‎08‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 5:11 PM, K Peterson said:

Looks great. I'd rather store my campaign props and handouts in it than rulebooks.

But.... ~$174 USD for that pledge level, plus ~$40 USD shipping to the US. Ouch.

I backed it as I am after a leather document holder, and after looking around in local stored I have come to realise this is the going cost for a decent one. At least until you start factoring in shipping and the battered British £...

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TYPE 40 have now delivered all the Leather document wallets to Kickstarter backers (by the promised delivery date!), but they have a few left over for anyone who missed out but would still like one. They come embossed with your choice of Elder Signs or Cthulhu. They also have the challenge coin, key fob and note pad from the Kickstarter available too. (NB Prices are in Australian dollars, though TYPE 40 will ship anywhere).

Details here: https://type40.com.au/product/call-cthulhu-leather-document-wallet

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