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Fazzur's Headquarters?


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8 minutes ago, Martin said:

Would anyone have any speculations on where Fazzur Wideread has his HQ after he moves south in 1621 to prepare his army for the planned invasion of Esrolia, before many are sent back north under the command of Tatius....could it be




We know that Fazzur set up at least a logistical base at Karse after the conquest of 1619, and that may have served just fine for the conquest of New Malkonwal.

I am not quite sure whether his Esrolian operation was to be a conquest or an acquisition through marriage. In the latter case, he would have brought a smaller but still sizeable force for projecting power against the Ditali and Solanthi (where Varstari son of Greymane has been in their pocket for a few years, whereas Hardral's connections to King Broyan cannot have paid off much since the siege of Whitewall reduced Broyan's influence).

Karse has the best connection to Nochet by ship. I find it unlikely that Fazzur would move major troops through the Fish Roads or through Beast Valley, so any major troop movement would come through the Grazelands. For a mustering ground in this direction, Fazzur has the perfect HQ in Tarsh - his family holdings near Dunstop. The Building Wall is more of a geographic obstacle than a heavily patrolled border, and significant parts of the Esrolian North March lie beyond, e.g. around New Crystal City. Using his fast strike method, I am sure Fazzur could push south to hold the Building Wall before any significant Esrolian forces could be mustered, and bring in a bigger force from that bridgehead if he planned a takeover by force (unlikely though IMO).

I would guess that those troops he didn't have to leave as occupation forces were requisitioned to support the siege of Whitewall, lacking anything better to do while Fazzur made his preparations for Esrolia.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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2 hours ago, g33k said:

was I really the first one into this thread looking for a HeroQuest of Fazzur's ?


I definitely associate Fazzur with military affairs and practicality over magical adventurism, so that my default reading was "headquarters" instead of "heroquest".

But yes, an interesting Freudian insight into free association, no? :D

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  • Martin changed the title to Fazzur's Headquarters?

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