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HBN: Call of Cthulhu PBP RPG

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Hey all!

Don't let the name of my game mess with your head, it does actually work cohesively.

I run a website play by post RPG called 'Hogwarts by Night'. It is a mix of HP, OWOD/NWOD and Call of Cthulhu. It sounds wacky but the moderators and storytellers have worked hard to make everything make sense and it actually works cohesively. 

At the moment we are looking for more Call of Cthulhu players for our Arkham forum. The way the game works is primarily collaborative RP. You get to play long-term characters who can grow to have their own lives, relationships etc... We throw in exclusive Call of Cthulhu Scenarios from the Cult of Chaos, Play-tests (written by Matthew Sanderson) and home brewed scenarios so you can actually play through adventures and if you survive be able to bring that back into a bigger RPG.

The game has an introductory sheet for making a character with a full history, and sheets are primarily reserved for the exclusive scenario situations.

Communication and Dice rolls are made via DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/Cu2S6EJ

If you are interested please visit our website http://www.hogwartsbynight.com or message me for info! 


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