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Official OpenQuest Errata

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OpenQuest has been updated to print 1.1.

The full errata sheet can be downloaded from D101 Games' website in the download section.

As well as the changes themselves it gives details of how the errata is implemented in the pdf and print versions of the game. Please note 1.1. has been applied to both the pdf and the print version. Customers who bought the pdf from either DriveThruRPG.com or D101games.com, will need to redownload the pdf to get the updated version.  The errata has also been applied to both OpenQuest and OpenQuest Basics.

Here is the summary of changes.

Print 1.1. September 5th, 2017

Page 17 Relationship skill mentioned in Skill Table.

The Relationship skill was removed in OpenQuest Refreshed, and this entry was left in error. Deleted.

Page 91 Call Spirit

Missing text at the end of the description:

“or possesses the caster if it is a Disease or Passion spirit.”

Page 92 Counter Defence and Counter Attack

Both these spells should have the spell trait Instant.

Page 95 Fist of the Wind

Spell updated to remove the confusion of when the spell is cast and when its effects take place.

Fist of the Wind
Each point of Magnitude allows the caster to make one extra unarmed attack. These attacks happen in a blur of motion as soon as the spell fires, at the same INT rank that the spell is cast on instead of the normal DEX rank that the character's attacks happen on.


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