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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 13 errors

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This is a place where you can post any errors you spot in the Week 13 Guide to Glorantha Group Read of the Lunar Empire. Please note that there will be a different thread each week to post errors.

This weeks page range is page 292 up to and including page 328. Please include the text to be corrected and the correction.

@Rick Meints has clarified versions of the Guide, please check your errors against the latest PDF:


The most up to date version of the PDFs is on Chaosium.com

Anyone who has purchased the PDFs can get the latest copy there, although you will have to have an account set up on Chaosium.com, and you may also have to have Dustin add the PDFs to your list of previous purchases. We have records for who purchased the PDFs on Glorantha.com, but we did not automatically add them onto chaosium.com



Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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p.293 - as with several other maps, the resolution is too low to be able to zoom in to read smaller names on the PDF. The river names are completely unreadable and the place names are heavily pixellated when zooming in. Due to the density of placenames there doesn't seem to be an option to simply re-do the map with larger placenames, so either we need a higher-res map, or to lose some of the placenames and use larger labels.

p. 297 - as above, but even more illegible, with the city/town names totally unreasable on the PDF. But given the purpose of this map, I suggest that most of the place names could be removed entirely, and just have region names with larger text to make them readable.

p. 302 - as p.297. Again, remove some/all placenames and just have region names.

p. 304 - 2nd column, 1st para, 4th sentence, is "Tripolis" singular or plural? "Although the Tripolis were liberated ... it never regained its independence". I presume the latter "it" and "its" are still referring to Tripolis. So this needs correcting to either use "were", "they" and "their", or "was", "it" and "its".

p.306 - italics text, 3rd para, "priestesses" should be "priestess".

p. 307 - 1st column, 2nd para, last sentence, "Pelorian" should be "Peloria".

p. 321 - Jillaro, 2nd para, 1st sentence, "Jillaro-of-the-Prince's Green" uses one em dash and then hyphens. Should be all hyphens (or all em dashes).


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13 minutes ago, Steve said:

Doh! How did I miss that. Although it's more obvious in the hard copy when the sidebar is opposite the map.

But the definition of the grey circles is still missing, isn't it?

A draft version of that map had dwarf zones labelled as blocking zones.


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