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Reign of Terror - download Player Handouts and Pregens

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When you buy Reign of Terror at Chaosium.com, you can also download the free Player Handouts Pack and the six pre-gen characters that have been created for the campaign.

The pre-gen characters that come with Reign of Terror are soldiers, each detailed with their statistics and motivations:


• Sergeant Renault, a levelheaded sergeant.
• Beaumains, an idealist.
• Dupois, an old soldier who drinks too much.
• Pressi, a romantic young soldier.
• Babin, regimental standard-bearer and bon vivant.
• Hugel, a resourceful provisioner (vivandièr).

For those wishing to create their own characters and further explore the setting, Reign of Terror features ten era-specific investigator occupations, including cleric, noble, and peasant, as well as guidance on social class, income, and weapons of the period.

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EDIT: Problem solved, it turns out I had an old PDF (I bought it the first day it was available!), and the new PDF I downloaded today has higher resolution maps. Sorry!


I have the Reign of Terror PDF, and I love every bit of it.


The resolution of maps (both in the main file and in the players' handouts) is awfully low, to the point that it is difficult to read the location numbers and names. 

Is it possible to download/receive higher-resolution versions of these images?


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