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A Drunken RuneQuest

Stew Stansfield

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Hello! I seek help on a (quite literal) runequest!

Years ago, I drew this for Newt. I'm trying to remember what the heck the large rune on the tankard is, or where I got it from. This is from the era when there were loads and loads of runes, so I'm struggling. (In case it's not clear, it'd be mirrored along a vertical plane running through the dot and u-bend.)

I'd pretend I knew what I was doing at the time and it was something to do with Minlister and brewing. But I'm the person who draws Storm Bill berserks with Voriof-rune helms (thinking it's the Urox rune) and sorns with Undead-rune war-paint (thinking it's the Chaos rune), so it's also likely I was extremely confused. (Which doesn't help.)

It's a bit like the Durev rune. Can anyone remember seeing it anywhere? I'm pretty confident I didn't make it up, but...



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I checked most of the Hero Wars and HQ1 era books for such a rune, but there was no match. The closest fit were the Pella rune lacking the dot in the center (Thunder Rebels p.191)  and the Oakfed rune wich has a V with a dot in the center, and handles to the side (Heroquest 1, p.147). My best bet would be one of the husband deities listed  in the First Fire Day box (Thunder Rebels p.190).

The U-shaped runes crop up with lesser Heortling deities. A dot in the middle usually signifies some fire connection.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Cheers, Joerg! Yep, I tried to trawl through my books as best I could (including the collated 16-page rune.pdf that used to be on the Issaries website way back) but came up blank. I'm sure you're right about the Fire connection (symbolising some potent beverage, no doubt). I'm just a bit puzzled, as I didn't usually take any creative liberties with Orlanthi stuff (it wasn't my area), typically using things as I found them.

Thanks for checking!

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Ace! Thank you, Peter and 7Tigers! I don't know my brain skipped over seeing the rune in Simon's piccy, but it obviously did. Par for the course, these days...

30 minutes ago, metcalph said:

I didn't mind the profusion of new runes so much in HW/HQ1 but rather the lack of explanation as to what they meant.  I wasn't looking for an absolute truth but rather the cultists interpretation of what the runes meant to them.

I was something of a fan of the expansion—within reason—on aesthetic grounds. Glorantha's often been a very wordy creation, and I quite like attempts to signal meaning in a non-textual manner. I guess everyone will have their personal break-point between what provides a resonant core with the natural expansions and derivations you might expect with such semiotics; and what a suggests a meaningless profusion that weakens the central concept.

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On 9/20/2017 at 8:10 AM, 7Tigers said:

Simon Bray's


as well as in Storm Tribe, page 223


Is it me, but doesn't that look like Minlister on the toilet?

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