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Eric Christian Berg

Sartar Question

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The table on p 64 (Friends, Allies, and Enemies) doesn't seem to work. For one thing, it doesn't account for War or Peace tribes. Second, it seems to be swapped, so war-like tribes have more friends and peaceful tribes have more enemies. Finally, the example Varmandi tribe (a War tribe with 15W War and no Peace rating) is said to have "1 friend, 2 allies, and 4 enemies", which on the table seems to be the result for 12 War and 12W Peace. Am I reading it wrong, or has a fixed version ever been presented? 

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2 hours ago, Oracle said:

I've read this table always with War values in the header row and Peace values in the outer left column.

Yes, that is the correct way to read it.  The War and Peace labels really should be reversed.

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