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Haragalan and other East Isles people names


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Where do you draw your inspiration for the Haragalan people names. More from Polynesian tradition or Japanese... Looking for a large body of names to use - so real world similarities for names would be useful...

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Looking at the names we have (the island god, place names), the language seems to prefer names with lots of short, often open syllables. The Polynesian names I am aware of seem to fit that bill. Aztec names have more closed syllables, but still are quite polysyllabic, and might provide some inspiration for more closed syllables.

It is a pity that the river names for Haragala are illegible in the pdfs - the map in AAA has a slightly better resolution, but e.g. the river passing Nemalipaya doesn't get legible at 400% magnification (where pixellation really begins).


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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