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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 15 corrections

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This is the thread where you can post any corrections that are needed in the Week 15 Guide to Glorantha Group Read of Maniria and Pent. Please note that there will be a different thread each week to post corrections. 

This weeks page range is page 350 up to and including page 372. Please include the text to be corrected and the correction.

@Rick Meints has clarified versions of the Guide, please check your errors against the latest PDF:


The most up to date version of the PDFs is on Chaosium.com

Anyone who has purchased the PDFs can get the latest copy there, although you will have to have an account set up on Chaosium.com, and you may also have to have Dustin add the PDFs to your list of previous purchases. We have records for who purchased the PDFs on Glorantha.com, but we did not automatically add them onto chaosium.com


Edited by David Scott


Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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p. 362 - Temple of Peace, 1st sentence, "springs" is used and so it should be "their healing properties" rather than "its healing properties". Otherwise change "springs" to "spring". Yes, I know the title of the section is a singular temple, but the sentence doesn't read as if it's referring to a singular Temple.

p. 364 - Sheng Seleris box, 3rd para, 1st sentence is confusing because it can be easily read two ways - the correct way where Sons of Stars, Stars and Thunderbolts are also alternative names for Bursts, but also where it is only Celestial Subordinates are the alternative name for Bursts and then it's listing different items that are also at the top with Sons of Stars etc. I struggled to understand this sentence and had to read on to clarify. I suggest changing the "and" to an "or", which would clear up the confusion.

p. 368 - 3rd column, Ankardon, 1st sentence, "lands ... is" should be "lands ... are".


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