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One year or so after the release of the system in a consolidated form, it has become apparent that a couple of terms are not the best ones for understanding how the game works. The general acceptance of the rules has been good, but there are still areas which may scare or confuse readers, making it necessary to play the game (which is nevertheless the recommended option) to fully understand the concepts. Using more appropriate terms, while not changing the underlying mechanics, might facilitate understanding at first reading.

As we are not willing to make a new edition that invalidates the existing one, at least for now, I am thereby proposing the introduction of "official" synonyms that can be used in parallel to the standard terms and will gradually and eventually replace them. The reprint of the rules will specify that there are two synonyms for the same concept, and that gamers can expect to find the new denomination in official supplements from now on. Here are the ones we have found so far.

  1. Life Points: This term is easily mistaken for something related to health and wounds, while in fact they represent fatigue, both physical and mental. Calling them Stamina, Fatigue or Energy might make it easier to understand what they are about. Yet none of these terms is 100% satisfactory.
  2. Manipulation Traits: they are, in fact, Stunts and not Traits, as they complement the base powers to enhance their effect. Calling them Manipulation Stunts might help comprehension.
  3. Torso: this term is Latin derived, weird sounding (unless you have played a lot of Battletech), and only good for humanoids. The word Body is a much better alternative.

As always, we are open to suggestions and feedback. We could also use some ideas about a good term to replace "Life Points".

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5 hours ago, RosenMcStern said:

Vitality has the same problems as Health, it sounds like hit points.

Exhaustion could work. Though "exhaustion" sounds better if you're accumulating points rather than depleting them. But I've used "exhaustion" before to describe to new players the concept of hit points. Because frankly even "hit points" suffers from being confused with a measure of pure bodily health, which it really isn't (even in D&D).

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Lifeblood or LIfeforce sound good, but maybe a bit weird. Body Energy would be perfect if the same currency was not used for magic and powers.

What about Exertion or Exertion Points? Effort Points? The term is good for both physical and mental fatigue, so it fits the way they are used in Rd100.

Another good word could be Steam. It is a bit slang-ish, but it conveys the meaning in just five letters.

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