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Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

David Scott

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5 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

So, rock salt, presumably mined in especially the interior regions of Glorantha? Where does it come from? Remnants of slain sea gods? Dried-out divine ichor from any old gods? No water or fluid relations at all, but a form of Earth (thanks, Asrelia!), especially given that it's crystalline? 

Bones/blood of dead sea gods maybe?

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1 hour ago, Akhôrahil said:

Probably not bones - those would be metal.

Probably blood then, which makes sense since salt is crystalline. Probably weak sea gods too else all that salt would be magic crystals. Or maybe it's the secret third state of quicksilver/aluminum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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On 10/6/2017 at 5:51 AM, Tindalos said:

The rivers are not salty because they lost much of their purity.

Salt is the gift of Nelat, god of purification. It is used to cleanse things of evil, such as enemies of the sea, to make them good.

This can be seen when the surface god Orlanth plunged into Nelat's baths of acidic brine that burned him like fire. And even on the surface, salt is used to purify things, and to prevent Chaos from growing in tainted places.

Nelat's gift makes the sea salty so that it would be protected from corruption, but the rivers and most lakes were too far to receive it.

Also, the salted earth cannot grow plants and Aldrya made pacts with the river gods to give up their salt so that she could live amongst them.

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