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Blackwater Creek Question

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I just finished reading Blackwater Creek, I like it quite a bit. I plan to run my group through it sometime soon. I have a question concerning the corrupting influence of the Mother's Gift. If the group is successful in destroying the Earth's Womb what happens to any characters who were corrupted? Would they eventually heal or would the effects remain with the character? 

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My PCs were frightened of visiting the Carmodys - but two of them managed to destroy the womb - and get a lot of taint in the process (falling in the water within the cave, etc). My plan is for those who are completely corrupted - like Brendon - to go even more insane (if that's imaginable) once their tether to Blackwater Creek is snipped - and this will make them only more dangerous. For those who are not completely corrupted, perhaps up to stage four or five, they will slowly recover over many weeks and months. The Mother's Gift will continue to be distributed in the existing bottles and casks of whiskey, however - and will remain a problem until that source is depleted or destroyed. I think this approach allows for the storyline to continue easily after the womb has been destroyed while also providing for a good denouement.  🙂

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If you can find a copy of it the scenario "Behold the Mother" would be of interest; it is in Dead Reckonings,  short scenario collection that is out of print.



The scenario is divided between Arkham and Dunwich and involved a Shub-Niggurath cultist attempting to birth a demi-goddess into the world using her own children.  You could easily make the cultist a former or current resident of Blackwater Creek wholly consumed (in more ways than one) by her devotion to the Mother. Since the investigators are tainted by their encounter, they would be attuned to the stirring of the terrible creature from the scenario, a psychic linkage or somesuch, creating an interesting hook.  The creature might also target them or others exposed to the tainted liquor, connecting the two scenarios further.

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