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Snare Projection


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Anyone have any idea how one is supposed to stop anyone in the superhero genre with a power that costs 3 character point per level and is supposed be measured against someones strength that costs 1 character point per level and also starts at about 10?

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First of all, web spin... er, snare projection is supposed to stop goons, not super villains. Of course, you can always try creative use of the power as Ars suggested. Something like placing gooey fluid upon your short-sighted enemy's spectacles. It usually works only when your target is named Otto.

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As was said above, Snare Projection is useful against the goons and physically weaker villians. I had a player who used it as one of his main attacks (he was a dragon-like humanoid mutant). He added an energy projection to the web (shot from his mouth -it was his first super hero, okay?) and was fairly effective.

A couple thoughts about Snare Projection. I ruled it took an action to "break out" if they had to roll versus their strength, unless they had an 80% or better chance and made the STR roll. So if nothing else, it often bought the heroes time by keeping the villain distracted.


Okay, I just read over the BRP book and see there was a major change to Snare Projection. In the WoW Superworld book, you got a SIZ of 1D6 per level of Snare Projection -not a set number like the BRP book gives you.

HUGE difference obviously, and I prefer the Superworld method, though you could increase the BRP Snare Projection to 2 STR points per level I guess?

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Yes but even then i have to get about 25 levels of the power to make sure I actually stop goons who can easily have a str of 15. That's 75 of maybe 95 points. So this will be my only real power and it will not work against a lot of villains who can just spend 15 points to get the same amount of strength. Even if you give the person using this power all the advantages in the world it still isn't even close to being useful considering how many points it costs.

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I'd agree you need 25+ levels as the rules are written in the BRP book. If you could get the GM to go with 2 STR pts per Snare Projection level, then you could get by with 15 levels. Or at 1D6 STR per Snare Projection level, you could buy 10 levels (10D6 is pretty good with an averge of 35 STR).

Of course, with the old Super World rules, the power cost of Snare Projection was 3 pts/level used, so it could drain energy quickly.

The new BRP version seems to take 1 power pt per use. Another huge change.

Get creative with the power and I think you'll enjoy using it. Your character may lean more toward a support role though, if you lack any other serious attacks.

Just remember that BRP is made with the idea that you can tweak rules and pick and choose what you want to use.

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In the old version it worked well enough to slow people down even if it didn't stop them outright (when you've got a set of characters with 13 Strengths, the 21 point Snare will still resist the vast majority of attempts to get out of it).

It didn't do much against bricks of course, but that's true in almost every superhero game I know.

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