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¡Viva la revolución!


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El gato està fuera del sac... no, sorry, better in English :)

HT publishers has just gone public on Facebook and their fans are already going viral, so we can unveil this great announcement.


HT Publishers and Alephtar Games announce the publication of the upcoming Revolution d100 edition in Spanish. This new edition is now in crowdfunding campaign and includes everything necessary to revisit the classic d100 system according to 21st century RPG trends.

Revolution d100 is a game with OGL license and as part of the agreement, HT Publishers will publish and release the plain text so that the system can be enjoyed and exploited for anyone who wishes, including for commercial purposes.

...which also implies that we launch the crowdfunding TODAY. Stay tuned.

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HT Publishers announced last month that the first supplement they want to publish with the Revd100 rules will be called Roma: El fin de la República (Rome: The End of the Republic), which will be about the noir genre in the Eternal City. An interesting twist.

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I wonder if we can get Revolution d100 supplements translated to English? Rome: the End of the Republic sounds really interesting, but my Spanish is only good enough to get an overview, not to read in detail.

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