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In the latest The GROGNARD files podcast, Mike Mason shares his experiences from his formative years of role-playing and how his fascination with horror, drew him towards Call of Cthulhu.
INTRO 00.00.16
We are returning to one of our favourite games, Call of Cthulhu, to consider what has changed for the game over the past 2 years, since the last episode.
OPEN BOX (with Mike Mason) 06.00
At the time of recording, Mike had just returned from his trip to NECRONOMICON and was fresh with the news of the great success for Call of Cthulhu at GENCON.
Ed is the first of us to hit 50 and his family have treated him to a brand-new metal shed. He talks us through his Fungi From Yuggoth scrapbook. You can get Mutable Deception from Drive Thru RPG.
We’re on a Jolly Boys outing – this is the player reflections on playing the Fungi … campaign

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The second part of the GROGPOD featuring Mike Mason is now available. He chats about D&D, almost Traveller and the new Masks of Nyarlathotep.

There's also a feature about the scenarios that appeared in White Dwarf and our review of the 7th edition.

You'll find it here: https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/11/22/episode-16-part-2-more-call-of-cthulhu-with-mike-mason/


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