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So, I'm making an automated Character Sheet/Player Aid


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22 hours ago, pansophy said:

Personally I find editable PDF files good enough for my purposes. RD100 is not particularly maths-heavy, so I do not need anything more sophisticated than a printed char sheet. :) But that's just me and somebody else might love this ;) 


I agree, RD100 is less math heavy than a lot of other games I player (13th Age for example, nothing too complex, but there is a lot of addition). I made the sheet because: a) I was out of practice with Excel, so I wanted a small side project to practice B. I do most of my gaming online nowadays, so I'm losing the face 2 face perk I might as well take full advantage of the benefits of online gaming and C. I can whip up a "legal" NPC in a few seconds (Most of the time I just wing it :)


15 hours ago, Zit said:

I made a much less sophisticated one for testing purposes (I wanted to create different characters). If I had knew there already was one available...

CHeck out the conflict sheets, they might be useful :) 

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2 hours ago, Tanaka84 said:

I can whip up a "legal" NPC in a few seconds (Most of the time I just wing it :)

true, it makes it faster. I think I still have a Database for BRP with all my NPCs in it, and the DB auto-calcs all the values. Might update that tool for RD100. But then again, I usually categorize NPC in 20%, 50% and 80% ratings, adding one or two d12 to main Skills on the fly. That gives them some variety and d12s are fun to roll anyway. ;)

More important are the Stunts and Traits a character has. And for monsters I need a good overview of on-the-fly specialities (Powers). Anyway, I disgress ....

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Looks interesting, thanks, have copied to my Google Drive so that I can have a play around with it. Will be useful for some future projects, hopefully.

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Hey peeps, just a heads up, my roll20 character sheet is up in, you can find it under campaign settings :) it even does most of the calculations for you.


fair warning, this is my first html/css in like forever, so expect a few quirks.


if you spot something weird let me know

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