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David Scott

1652 Great Flood

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12 hours ago, soltakss said:

Worcha was created with the sole intent of destroying Ernalda. The Seas have invaded the Land many times, sometimes with catastrophic results.  I think that some Sea Deities are friendly with some Earth Deities and some are hostile, depending on the cults. The Pantheons themselves are probably neutral, due to the differences within.

That seems reasonable.  All the same, I am uncertain that even land-hostile deities of the sea will tolerate being forced to war by darkness forces.  The troll plan is something akin to a Dominate spell for water forces.  I would expect that all the water forces that matter would be utterly intent on destroying the iceberg and freeing the trapped water.

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I noticed that the Theyalan name of the Bullflood is Uxeler, i.e., Urox-heler, which implies that Heler/Eler is a Theyalan common noun meaning flood as well as the name of a god... This may be of some significance for the interpretation the Heortlings have of the event and a proper response to it.

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