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We are down to our last stocks of Horror on the Orient Express

We have limited copies available in our UK warehouse, and even fewer in our US warehouse. None left in Australia (cleaned out at PAX Aus).

We will eventually do a new edition, but if you're after the current campaign in the box, we suggest you don't delay!

More details at the link: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/horror-on-the-orient-express-the-journey-is-about-end/

MOB - Chaosium

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3 hours ago, Master Fwiffo said:

Welp you scared me into buying it, you devils you!

FYI, demand for Horror on the Orient Express has been much, much higher than we anticipated: every copy we had left in our US warehouse has been bought up in just over two days.

We have temporarily suspended sales of HotOE on our website until we reconfigure the product page to indicate we only have copies left in the UK. But based on how quickly the US copies sold, it's probable we'll sell out before long once back up again.

(Note, we also have nine copies in the consignment going to Pax Unplugged for sale at our booth there next weekend).

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7 hours ago, dragoner said:

I caught the train as a player in someone's campaign, this looks exciting. :lol:

FYI, all copies brought to PAX Unplugged were sold. We are now essentially out-of-stock of HotOE in the US and Australia. The remaining copies in our UK warehouse will go back on sale soon.

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We thought we had sold out of HORROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, but recent stocktaking at our UK and USA warehouses has uncovered some additional copies!

We have a very limited number of these boxed sets available, and once sold, they are sold.

These will go on sale on our website on Monday April 23rd at 10AM US Central Time.

This is the final chance to get the boxed edition from Chaosium.com. After that, the train goes back in the shed. HotOE will eventually be back in a new edition—most likely in a slipcase rather than a box—sometime in the next several years (no firm date yet).


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