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About the Art

In the early days of D101 Games (around 2009-2010) I had the idea of doing short series of pdf only releases. I contacted the various artists I worked with back then to see if they had any readymade art that I could buy for this. Jonny Gray sent me a large set of pieces, and as I looked at them I was inspired. The pieces were people, not just a cartoon caricatures. I gently started thinking about who these people were and from those initial musings the early concept of The Chronicles of Erun emerged. There's also a wonderful early medieval/dark ages vibe which unifies the illustrations as a set.  This had a huge impact on the game, in both historical influences and the overall tone of the game. Finally, Jonny sent me such a large number of pieces, that suddenly I had enough for a complete game!  Normally the art comes after the game, but in this case it was the art which inspired the game!



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Lorth Belthraus

This noble elf is the Mouthpiece of the Twilight Elves. Like all the non-humans in the game, I start with a familiar starting point and then add one or two twists. In the case of the Elves, they started off as typical fantasy elves. However, since the recent War, which they were mysteriously absent from, they have undergone a change and have entered a state which they and human elf experts call "Twilight". They have withdrawn into their forest in central Erun, ceased all outside contact except through their mouthpiece "Belthraus".  




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Queen Rizola

This powerful lady is the King' Byron’s long-suffering wife and the voice of reason at his court. On the surface a bossy mother hen, in reality, a crafty woman with an extensive spy network and a strong sense of self-preservation.


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