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New RuneQuest Design Note, #20 - status update and some art

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The latest RuneQuest Design Note is a status update from Jason.


It also features some very nice RQG art from Andrey (as, BTW, does the previous Design Note, #19: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-19/)

The topic for the next Design Note is "The return of the resistance table", by Jeff.

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Based on previous comments and design notes, my confidence level in how combat will be handle remains very low but I am highly confident in how integrated to Glorantha the character creation will be.

When I see Andrey's intrepretation of Glorantha, I am blown away. I now have very high expectations regarding the production value of this book!

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1 hour ago, DreadDomain said:

... my confidence level in how combat will be handle remains very low ...

Combat will be very much in the RQ2/RQ3 model; deadly, gritty, a bit too-likely to achieve limb-loss... were you expecting something else?

Parry not broken-out from the attack-skill.  No "Defense" (aikido-idealization) skill.



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8 hours ago, DreadDomain said:

Glad to hear. In the Quicstart the description of how strike ranks work while in and out of melee really smelled of clunkiness.

I think it ran pretty smoothly.  

It seemed clunky to me too, until I ran it with people who never played - meaning they had no expectations or paradigms already in their head, and they were fine with it.

That said, I expect it's been SIGNIFICANTLY polished over the last year or so (recall that the Quickstart was basically thrown together from beta rules from Jan 2017 timeframe).


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Really like the art Andrey has produced for new RuneQuest. It’s really hitting that RQ2 ancient Bronze Age feel perfectly.

Although I’ve noticed some of his art for the 13th age in Glorantha has elements of a more dark age Beowulf/vikIng feel which I hope doesn’t appear in the new RuneQuest ( despite its great quality), as it detracts from the strong thematic of the ancient RQ2 feel. For example the Stormbull fighting in front of the block with chain mail, and long stripey trousers feels much more Saxon/Viking.

Having said that everything that’s been shown specifically for new RuneQuest by Andrey has hit the mark with the ancient Bronze Age RQ2 feel. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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