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Just some lovely figures for my game.


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I painted these for my daughter and I for our game. The girl in the rainbow dress is Kora, wearing Sacred Time robes for her role as Voria; the alynx is "Fluffy" - not my first choice of name, an intelligent member of the clan thanes; and the fierce looking redhead is her father, Rolan, chief of the Gavrenings.

Anyone else got some little guys or gals they want to show off?






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If any one's interested: the Kora is mini is a modified (heavy addition of green putty) version of Reaper's "Spirit of Autumn" - the alynx was the animal companion that went with Lini, the Pathfinder iconic druid, with putty used to give her a ruff and ear tufts (I couldn't bear to snip off the tail, so Fluffy is an unusual specimen for her kind), and Chief Rolan is a slightly modified version of Valeros, these also being Reaper minis.

I modeled tiny flowers growing behind Kora's feet as well.

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3 hours ago, Yelm's Light said:

A steady hand, drybrushing, and a good sense of complementary colors can work wonders.  Kora's robe is awesome.

I think I can guess who came up with "Fluffy." :D

My hands actually shake. Painting is pretty arduous, but I use breath control to still them for a moment. I started painting minis in the mid-80s when I was a kid, so there's also a lot of experience, but I can't do the incredibly detailed stuff I used to.

I have an entire collection of barbarian villagers up next for when we construct the stead diorama...

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2 hours ago, Iskallor said:

Fluffy is a most respected and oft used name for Alynx. 

As for miniatures I use Lego minifigs.

I suspect that most of them would do the kitty equivalent of a mental shrug.  Two-legs...

I like that minis are more realistic.  Nothing will take me out of story mode faster than being forcibly reminded that it's a game, especially after the Lego movies. :)


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From Left to Right:

Penelope the Busarian. Figure converted from "Almah Merchant Princess" by Reaper Miniatures

Livia D'Lantis from Jansholm. Figure "Female Archer" by Dark Sword Miniatures.

Garrick the Trickster. Figure custom-created using Heroforge.com. And that's a tail hanging behind him, he shape shifts into a monkey. So get your mind out of the gutter.

Jedrick the Glorifier. Figure converted from "Duel-Wield Human Knight" by Dark Sword Miniatures.



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So far the only finished figure I have is the Red Emperor. Fazzur Wideread, Gunda and Harrek are lined up, and then some Bloodspillers once I get sent the proper horses. (Also - blurry photos, because my phone's camera is just not good, it seems)



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My daughter and I have been building a diorama of the clan hearth (this is the Gavrening hearth in Hendrikiland/Volsaxar, if anyone's wondering about the alynx imagery; there's a mural of Orlanth, Ernalda and Yinkin and his family and a tapestry visible with Gavren as a grown alynx on the other wall). It's a little crude, but it's a project involving an eight-year old (hence some of the more idiosyncratic decorating/figurine choices). Here you can see the main hall (a work in progress).

In the first picture she models a curious giant. (Just added missing pic, sorry)




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Model of the tower on the Gavrening tula... work in progress with my daughter.It's sort of based on a broch. The roof remains to be thatched, the platform above the main hall has to be added and the building painted and furnished...

Also we will have to add a windsock and ochre paintings on the outside...





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20 hours ago, pachristian said:

And of course, Games Workshop Gor make great Broo

Well, of course.  Citadel broo figures were always great figures, and they even called them "broo".  (Actually all of the old Citadel RQ figures were brilliant IMO.)

Then GW made the decision to only make Warhammer figures and all those great broo ideas had to be called something else, and "magically" the Warhammer universe includes "chaos beast men" (or whatever they were officially called) and you're off to the races.

Clearly the whole Warhammer thing worked splendidly for GW, but I miss the old Citadel figures line (their D&D miniatures were pretty good too), back when 25mm meant 25mm, not 30mm.  Of course, I am an old fart.


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"I want to decide who lives and who dies."

Bruce Probst

Melbourne, Australia

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Saw the thread-tag... just had to add:








... and to keep it Gloranthan... does anyone know if figs are canon in Glorantha?   And if so, do they have any special standing in any cult, sacred to a Goddess or important in a ritual, etc?     Figs were of course a staple of the ancient mediterranean...



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