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The Silver Key (proposed campaign)

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I'm writing the first part of a campaign, probably for the Repository, working with the Randolph Carter cycle.

In the interest of efficiency I'm mainly discussing it at YS: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/topic/31797-the-silver-key-as-a-basis-for-a-scenario/

However, to summarize: The scenario is based out of the Cabot Museum/ "the Boston Detectives" mentioned in BtGoSK, and starts with an investigation of the disappearance of RC, funded by his friends. I've discovered the real world location of the Carter mansion (or at least the Snake Den) in the "rolling hills" between Salem and Arkham and a few snippets about the figure Lovecraft satirises as Ernest Aspinwall as well.

As it turns out my Salem and Beverly ancestors lived in close proximity (I'm also closely related to the families that Lovecraft based all this on...).

I'm gathering everything canon, semi-canon, and apocryphal on this subject together to winnow out problems. I have noted the DE Marigny write up by Kevin Ross in the recent New Orleans book from Golden Goblin, Penelope Love's Porphyry and Aspondel, and sourced a copy of "The Lord of Illusion". 

It remains to be seen whether I can sew in The Silver Twilight or The Chapel of Contemplation into the narrative.

Eventually there will be time travel via astral projection, dreaming, and perhaps some jaunts to London or Persia involved.

One key part of my plans is using the technique pioneered in Trail of Cthulhu where the NPCs have multiple possible motivations so each time its run it's unpredictable. Carter (or one of many Carters) might be an unreliable narrator and villain in one version, while in another De Marigny went more than a little mad in WWI. Ward Phillips (i.e., Lovecraft) could be a strange but decent man in one running while in others he's a cantankerous racist, or he's the catspaw of a terrible entity from his own dreams...

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As one can see from the map (an annotated 1919 USGS map) below, "Snake Hill" is a (real) prominent landmark in the "rolling hills south of Arkham"...


Well, this land belonged to my mother's family.

South of Arkham.jpeg

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