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Advanced Magic (Optional)


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Page 19Advanced Magic (Optional)

I was hoping for some clarification on a couple of things.

"By default Divine Magic and Sorcery are not available as an option to advance at character generation, where both Religion and Sorcery casting skills start at their base values."

So you can take them at character creation but not advance them or you can't take them at all?

If you want your character to be a magic specialist with access to it at the start of play"

What is 'it', singular?

"...then check with your Games Master first and consult the sections below."

So if you want to cast divine magic or sorcery, ask the GM and if they give the all clear you can take one, both? But not advance them in character creation, or you if given the go ahead, you can take and advance them?

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I'm not Newt with the developer's eye and inside knowledge, but I'll take a crack at your query as a OQ-based GM.

In my game, "By default...at their base values" means that the Divine and Sorcery magic systems, which require more involved background, are not available to players rolling up beginning characters. BM is more common place, less formal and therefore more available (considering the spirit of OQ wherein such magic is available to nearly everyone with the stats to support it).

"...with access to it..."

"It" here refers to the heretofore non-default magic systems, i.e. Divine Magic and Sorcery.

"...Games Master first..."

As the rule is optional, It's best to check with the GM first. If they are permitting beginning PCs to start as priests or sorcerers, huzzah! consult the "Starting with Divine Magic" OR "Starting with Sorcery" sections below.

During chargen, if a player wants to be a sorcerer or a priest without going through the 0-to-Hero route, or if my campaign-plan needs such characters, I allow them access to the optional rules.

I only allow characters to become "...specialists..." in one area: divine or sorcery. All characters may have a general lay member religious background, as inferred on page 19 in the table note describing "Religion (Own)," but a sorcerer's all-consuming studies and commitment to their master/order/school provides little time to become priests too. Conversely a priest devoted to a cult's inner mysteries and their insessent duty to the gods includes no time for sorcery's intense master/apprentice relationship and research.

That said, priest and the sorcerer will both have had simple Battle Magic exposure.

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