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HQG "a great choice for New Year, New Game Week"


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"One of the oldest and most respected fantasy settings ever created for RPGs, Glorantha is the brainchild of legendary game writer and designer Greg Stafford. Crafted in 1975 for the board game White Bear and Red Moon, it became the heart of the first major challenger to D&D, RuneQuest. Now it’s back and represented in a system specifically crafted for it – HeroQuest Glorantha, making it a great choice for New Year, New Game Week."

—Sean's Picks of the Week at EN World



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1 hour ago, Iskallor said:

Make a post in a D&D forum....

... such as ENworld (where MOB is quoting from)?   :D

(I think MOB is just noting it here (FYI the fanbase; and (for example) be able to point out to any of our gaming-friends saddled with "D&D uber alles"-itis))

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C'es ne pas un .sig

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