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Pentan religion

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8 hours ago, soltakss said:

I have always given animists access to Divine and Common Magic for no other reason that it makes sense to me.


As long as we have had RuneQuest, its been clear there is some overlap, with Black Fang presented as a cult with shaman-priests, and shamans getting access to divine magic pretty freely in RQ3. 

In HeroQuest, it seems as if Affinities, that loosely correspond to RuneQuest Rune Spells, are relatively uncomplicated to combine with either sorcery spells or use of spirit charms. Its feats and becoming a devotee where it becomes difficult. Likewise, spirit Charms that loosely correspond to having bound spirits in RuneQuest don't seem a big problem, its becoming a full shaman with a fetch that is problematic to combine with other magic. 

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