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Diadochi Warlords/Hellenistic Warlords setting


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I'm about to run a game of Diadochi Warlords using Mythras and am slightly confused by one section of the setting specific rules.

Under the Non-Magical Potions section of the setting it states:

"Poultices and Healing Balms
Used for healing, 1 MP per magnitude will heal normal ills, 2 MP per magnitude for wounds or for poison or diseases = to its potency"

Now potions of a non-magical type are made using the Task system with Lore (Herbs) as the skill and 15 minutes as the time increment. So far so good. However I'm confused by the mention of magnitude and the reference to MP. Magnitude (a measure of effectiveness for magical effects) is not used in the Task system and may, I think, be left over from an earlier draft using a different means of making potions. The MP I can see as being required for possible game balance purposes but how that is implemented seems extremely unclear.

Anyone used Diadochi Warlords and resolved this issue or can anyone tap up Chris Brann for some advise?


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Hi Nigel

Sorry I have only just come across this, not sure why I did not get a mail about it.

Magnitude refers to the magnitude of the Poison or Disease you are treating

You have to make a balm  to the magnitude of the thing you are healing 

Magic Points [MP] limit the producer as does her skill.




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